me on the web


beginner spellbook album art make magic album art
beginner spellbook witch-themed IDM
make magic cozy electronic melodies
another home dream atmospheres
sharp lines samples mario kart 64


tera: mind over matter gif the tops don't sting you gif
tera: mind over matter difficult tetris for pico-8
web pilot tempest-inspired tube shooter for pico-8
netty strategic kinetic action videogame
the tops don't sting you cute swimming platformer

audio plugins

mika micro screenshot
mika micro simple, expressive subtractive synth
cocoa delay wiggly, cozy delay
flutterbird easy pitch and volume fluctuation

libraries for löve

baton quick and seamless keyboard/gamepad input
cartographer simple tiled map loading and drawing
ripple audio manager with tagging support
nata entity management with optional ECS support


qur'analytics screenshot
qur'analytics UI refresh design and implementation